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3 min readMar 15, 2021

And it all comes down to The Flow.

Awareness and setting the direction to where you want to go. From there comes the concentration and your “manning” the frequency of your broadcasting station. And the terms lend themselves for clarification. So vague, what the hell do I mean by frequency, Energy, and Vibration? It’s all up for poetic interpretation, and what about the tangible and practical application? Frequency is an aspect of Vibration — The Universal Principle that says everything is in motion, nothing is static, and change is the only constant. Both Frequency and Vibration exist within the All-Pervasive field of Energy and Pure Potentiality. The Zero-Point-Field, Pure Consciousness.

Share the beauty that you see in the world.

A clear reflection of your Inner Being and what you’re creating and bringing to the world.

Frequency is how we isolate and measure the resonant quality of The Vibrating Universe. According to the Frequency, things, atoms, and experiences, objects, galaxies, stars, planets, and universes take shape and appear solid as the case may be. And this includes you and me. Our brain frequency can be measured and so can the quality of our thoughts. Not only by an EEG machine but by the way they make us feel and how we perceive the world. Music can have a dissonant or harmonious quality, it’s all Energy vibrating, being expressed through a specific frequency.

Now you can see the practical and pragmatic application of my poetry. By having a practice of tuning in and aligning your Essence and Core Frequency to what you want to Create, experience, and see.

We can use a gamut of tools, rituals, habits to bring and allow “That” to be. Find the music, people, and activities that bring you the most joy, that inspire you, and make you feel free. These are the basic tools that come to me: Time in nature, meditation, writing, dancing, singing, laughing, connecting with friends and family, working on projects that inspire you and create the world you want to see.

What works for you may not work for me, You must design your life, ultimately. Yet, there’s something much deeper that goes beyond You and Me, goes on Eternally, Infinitely, that’s where I’m Hearted — That is the Ultimate Quest For me. Only Here can we Truly BE Free.

Written and edited by Jesus Rodrigo Velazquez Garcia

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