Receptive Mode. Make The Call.

Harmonious Enterprises
2 min readApr 7, 2021

Here now. Always. The Universe is responding to your current feeling and vibration. That which you focus upon receives energy and amplification.

Life is simple. IT is our playground and creation. We are the choosers and broadcasters of Vibration — that which brings forth and evolves energy creation. We truly become and experience that which we think and feel all day long. We are infinitely powerful and strong.

Receptive mode, an allowance of new energy and Vibration, frequency, experiences, and information. The letting go of ideas, beliefs, and habits that no longer serve me and the greatest good of All. To Divine Infinite Intelligence, The Council of Light, Pleiadians, Light Team, Ancestors, Angels, Archangels, and Guides, I make the call:

Guide me in the ease and smooth transition into the Light, my greatest joy and service, the release of ideas, habits, vibration, and beliefs that do not support Love, Creativity, Freedom, expression, and ease, Abundance, Sex, Wealth, Fun, and Luxury.

Help me and guide me to my fullest expression and ease, Health, Prosperity, financial abundance, clarity in my profession, Book Publication, and Harmonious Enterprises as a Creative and Empowering Organization. Clarity. Love and Ease. Authentic Expression.

So Be IT. This or something better is now in Mind for my and greatest good of All. And I give thanks that IT IS so. AHO.

Written and edited by Jesus Rodrigo Velazquez Garcia

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