Life and its simplicity, embrace it. Decide on and commit to the life you choose to live. Do you enjoy it, are you happy? Live Life Free, choose, and feel grateful to be. Let go and allow things to be. Embrace The Frequency, connect to your True Self and Universality. It is your life. Live it Free.

Choose, organize, define, clarify and feel the essence of who and what you are. Expand your perspective and your definition of self. Be clear and definite about what you truly want and go for it, don’t look back! Stand tall, poised, as you…

Bring it forth, the Clarity and the focus. You are the one that radiates and projects your reality from within. You are responsible for the energy you bring into any situation, personal, intimate, or business relation. It’s your frequency, like that of a broadcasting radio station. What you project and broadcast is crafted by the imagination, of which your upbringing and deep-seated beliefs and feelings make the foundation. People, plants, and animals around you pick up your vibration which is determined by your conscious or unconscious intention. …

Beyond the Crucible, through the Transformation fire of Life and The experience of Being human. I seek clarity within myself and harmony in all my relations. In order to make that a “thing”, I must go into the realm of meditation. Clarify my stance, my Path and assess the situation. Reflective, retro, and introspection. What I see and experience in my life is base upon my expectation. Thus, we must give our thoughts, focus, and feelings careful selection. The subject of Energy and thought-creation is nothing new and its greatest value lies in the principle’s deliberate and consistent application. On…

Presence, Breath, and Clarity in designing and curating every aspect of our life. To be deliberate as well as flexible, open, and creative in the way we live and create our Life is a choice, a practice, and an Art. To create anything that is worthwhile requires our focus and the concentration of our skills, passions, resources, and energy.

It is the consistent application of our skills to a definite goal that brings results and can be a great source of growth and fulfillment. …

The day’s tasks in concentration and through Flow. Productivity and efficiency through planned and focused concentrated action. Overall, what are the goals and Vision, What’s the outcome? Harmonious Enterprises, harmonious Relationships, and Harmony in every area of Life.

I see, know, and have it all, I am aware and sensitive to the Inward flow of information. “If you want to understand The Universes, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration” And The Energy and Essen, the Spirit of a “thing” must be tuned into; what’s the frequency and feeling of it? …

Beauty Prayer

The Beauty that you live with

The Beauty that you live by

The Beauty upon which you base your life

Katha Upanishads

The Soul is not born nor does it die. It did not spring from something and noting sprang from it. IT is unborn, eternal, immortal, and ageless.

Pyramid Prayer

There is no seed of good who has perished. Neither has he, who belongs to him.

You will not perish who belongs to him.

The Soul is never created nor does it ever die. The Soul is without birth, eternal, immortal, and ageless. …

The ease and The Flow. They come and they go.

The ease and The Flow. They come and they go.

Breath. Now.

What flows is unknown, the Quest and the seeker define each other, without you there is no other. One must have an enemy to know the meaning of a true friend and brother. You must know the pleasing to know what makes you bother. Whatever the time or circumstance, it is good to know we have each other, a feeling of Unity and community.

It’s all about positivity, framing your life in either a neutral, loving detached way a life-nurturing, life-supporting and, energizing way. What I’m talking about here taking deliberate control of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and directing them clearly to your intended end.

If we are free to do anything, we are free to choose the content of our mind and to choose how to react in any given situation. — Consciousness is the Source Code of Creation — The Blank Canvas whence comes every star, Being, Universe or Nation. Again, to this Consciousness, we may choose to give direction.


At Peace with Life and Self. In Harmony with The Present moment and The Frequency of Love. Open to serve and connect in the greatest way. In congruence and Harmonic resonance with my Being. Whole. Being I and open to expand and express greater Love and Creativity. A release, letting go, of what I know, with openness and receptivity to express and allow more.

To be free, totally free, and express All that I am. Totally me. Locked on Authenticity, Love, and Freedom as my default Frequency. Allowing All the Freedom to be as they are and as they choose…

Harmonious Enterprises

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